DORSET traffic officers reported nearly a dozen road offences yesterday, including one driver speeding nearly double the the limit near their home.

On Friday afternoon, police were first drawn to a Nissan pick up which was 24.5 per cent over weight. The driver received a £300 fine and £80 cost for release after the weight was removed.

In the evening, the driver of a blue BMW M5 “didn't spot” police sat next to them at a set of traffic lights before they “sped away, their rear end struggling to keep traction on the icy road”. A ticket and Section 59 warning – police powers to seize vehicles for careless driving – were issued.

Bournemouth Echo: BMW stopped for dangerous driving offences. Picture: Dorset Traffic CopsBMW stopped for dangerous driving offences. Picture: Dorset Traffic Cops

The driver of a Mercedes was stopped less than 500 metres from their home after speeding nearly double the speed limit and a ticket was issued. According to police, the driver said they had previously reported speeding outside their address to their local councillors.

To end the night, officers found two motorcyclists fail to stop despite the icy conditions. A spokesperson said: “To add to this, they turned their lights off with total disregard for their safety and that of others. Perhaps they didn't realise our cars are video equipped and footage will be reviewed in due course and appropriate action taken.”