A FAULTY red light camera in Poole may have snapped motorists who had not committed an offence.

Police have confirmed that no infringements had been processed while maintenance staff fixed the problem relating to the traffic lights at the junction of the A350 Holes Bay Road and Sterte Road.

Motorist Tony Holland spotted the problem when he was driving towards the town centre on Wednesday morning.

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The Poole resident said he saw the camera on the northbound side of the road activate with no obvious reason as to why it had been triggered.

He said there was no traffic passing the camera at the time and the only vehicle at the lights was a van in the filter lane waiting to turn right into Sterte Road.

"The van appeared to be waiting before the white stop line," said Mr Holland. "I was waiting at the lights on the opposite side of the junction when I witnessed the flash of the camera."

"My concern is that have other motorists been photographed by a faulty camera when they have not done anything wrong."

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Mr Holland reported the matter to the Dorset Road Safe team on Wednesday evening. In response, they told him staff were aware of the issue and it was hoped it would rectified as soon as possible.

A Dorset Police spokesperson told the Daily Echo: "We gratefully received notification from a member of the public in relation to an issue involving the red light camera on Holes Bay Road, at the junction with Sterte Road, on Thursday, January 20.

"This is believed to have been a phase detection issue and has been addressed by our maintenance team.

"We can confirm the issue has been fixed, however the public may temporarily be aware of further camera flash activation, but this will be the maintenance team conducting further tests and checks.

"No red light infringements were processed whilst the issue was addressed and this will also apply to matters dating back to Wednesday, January 19."

A camera at the junction of Holes Bay Road and Sterte Road was at the centre of a public backlash more than a decade ago. Authorities converted the initially installed traffic light camera into a speed camera in 2009.

Campaigners claimed this move led to the camera netting £1.3m a year in fines. Such was the outcry, in 2011 it was agreed to revert it back to a red light infringement camera only.