READING the Bournemouth Daily Echo at breakfast is a ritual that I look forward to each day and the content particularly with reference to the activities of the BCP Council never fail to amaze.

From fly tipping to pets damaging the environment there is never a shortage of reported activity to react to.

I did not have to wait long for the latest blast of garbage to spill out thanks to the report on the decision to remove gender specific pronouns from lead positions in the BCP Council’s committees.

Congratulations to Cllr L-J Evans and Cllr Lisa Lewis for being able to secure this landmark position within the council. What on earth do these elected councillors do at the meetings if they have the time to discuss whether it should be chair and vice chair rather than chairman or vice chairman?

More gibberish from the councillors: “the response showed a lack of understanding between proper nouns and common nouns”.

Having scraped English O-level you can include me in that group.

Another gem: “officers have also made the decision to specify their pronouns on communications to be clear as to how to choose how to be addressed.”

“This is not political correctness gone mad” a quote from Cllr Evans. I beg to disagree. In my humble opinion this is precisely what it is and forms part of a well-orchestrated move largely driven by the public sector to impose this woke attitude onto normal people who are getting sick and fed up of reading reports like this.

Might I suggest that council meetings should focus on the numerous issues that really matter to the citizens of the BCP area. The voters of the Poole town ward will be reassured that “language reflects and influences attitudes behaviours and perceptions” and to cap it all “by moving to gender-neutral language they avoid implying that one gender is the norm and help to tackle unconscious bias”.


Catalina Drive, Poole