POLICE have stepped-up patrols in a Poole neighbourhood following a spike in burglaries. 

Poole's Neighbourhood Policing Team conducted patrols around the Broadstone area from 5pm on Sunday in response to a series of burglaries at this location. 

Police are appealing for information following a burglary in Northbrook Road, Broadstone, where two men forced entry into a home before stealing a wooden watch box, containing four watches, cufflinks and cash.

Officers investigating the burglary at a property in Northbrook Road in Broadstone are issuing images of the suspects as they appeal for information.

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Bournemouth Echo: Police are appealing for informationPolice are appealing for information

The suspects are using cycles to travel around the Broadstone area, targeting properties from 6pm into the evening.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: "If you see these individuals or suspicious behaviour, do call us on 999, we are here for you and extremely keen to catch these guys and get them to court.

"Whilst we don't post every single patrol, as not all our officers on the frontline have access to our social media channels, we are focussing a lot of attention to Broadstone at the moment.

"We won't be very far away if we are needed to respond to a call of this nature."