“AN apology is not enough to rebuild trust with the British people.”

That’s what one Conservative MP told the Daily Echo after two more Downing Street parties came to light – the night before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

We contacted Conor Burns, Tobias Ellwood, Sir Christopher Chope, Sir Robert Syms, Michael Tomlinson, Simon Hoare and Sir Desmond Swayne by telephone and email for their response to the latest shocking claims.

Four MPs responded – Tobias Ellwood, Conor Burns, Sir Robert Syms and Sir Desmond Swayne.

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It comes after The Telegraph reported that advisers and civil servants gathered after work for two separate events on April 16 2021, as the country was in a period of mourning after the death of Prince Philip.

The events were to mark the departures former director of communications James Slack and one of the prime minister’s personal photographers, the newspaper said.

The two events are said to have started separately and later merged.

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The next day, the Queen attended her husband Philip’s funeral wearing a face mask and socially distanced from her family at Windsor Castle, in line with Covid restrictions.

Tobias Ellwood

Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East said: “There has understandably been genuine anger directed at the Party given some of its behaviour over the last couple of months of 2021.

“I called for the prime minister to make an apology after it became clear multiple parties had taken place during lockdown.

“The government must lead by example especially when it comes to coronavirus measures, I am disappointed that this was not the case.

“An apology is not enough to rebuild trust with both Parliament and the British people.

“These events are now being investigated by Sue Gray which is the correct process to assess the detail of who was involved.

“I will be looking very carefully at what changes Number 10 may introduce and of course what Sue Gray reports. I will then make an informed judgement as to what I believe should happen next.”

Sir Robert Syms

Sir Robert Syms, who represents Poole said: “People are making it very clear what they expect.”

Sir Robert, pictured above left, said: “The reason the Sue Gray report is so important is that it will look at what happened and why it happened. It may be that she finds there is a culture.

“There are quite a lot of Conservative MPs who are not supportive of the prime minister but have not made up their minds and are awaiting the report.”

When asked if he was one of those, he replied ‘yes’.

“I have had 200-300 emails, some from the usual suspects but quite a lot of Conservative voters too”, he said. “Normally we do not get that.

“Some significant names that I recognise who are embarrassed and upset. This is an issue which has resonance.

“After the weekend, most MPs will come back with a very clear view of what their constituents feel.”

When asked if the prime minister should resign, Sir Robert said: “If I were in his situation, I would have a long conversation with my family. I get the impression this will go on.

“They need to work out whether his staying is viable or not.

“It is going to be a difficult few weeks.”

Conor Burns

Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West and a close ally of the prime minister said: “I am like everyone else waiting for the impartial and indepedent report by Sue Gray.”

When asked if he been contacted by constituents raising concerns, he told the Daily Echo: “I will not say anything beyond that.”

Sir Desmond Swayne

Sir Desmond Swayne, New Forest West MP, responding to a text message over the latest allegations, said: “No thanks. I will reflect on it over the weekend.”