A CHRISTCHURCH resident has hit out after piles of rubbish were left for 'months on end'.

The resident, who lives in a building owned by Sovereign Housing Association, has reported rubbish being left outside for months on end, causing a ‘fire risk’ and ‘environmental health issues’, he claimed.

The Dorset Road resident said: “Sovereign claims to be a good place to live, to maintain and keep their grounds tidy at all times.

“However, the true reality is rubbish left for years on end, causing a fire risk, which was reported back in July 2021 and has still not been addressed.

“General rubbish and food waste has also been left for over three weeks now causing environmental health issues and an unsightly mess.”

After the Echo contacted Sovereign Housing Association, the resident reported that the rubbish had been partially cleared.

They said: “The pictures of domestic waste have now been cleared, however it took over six weeks for this to happen and still the area has not been cleared properly with food waste and rubbish remains.”

“It is unsightly and encouraging other people to dump their waste by not attending to these issues, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

“I rang Sovereign last July about an outside lobby bin area that has been full of inflammable waste, which is a fire hazard waiting to happen as young kids sometimes get out in these areas smoking.

"Still nothing has been done to address this."

A spokesperson for the Sovereign Housing Association said: “We’re sorry a resident has noticed a build-up of rubbish on their street during the festive period.

“We haven’t been alerted to any concerns with our bin stores in the area however during a routine visit today it was noted that some items have been left in the communal areas.

“We’ve requested these be removed and have arranged disposal of any fly-tipped items.

“Sovereign residents experiencing neighbourhood issues are encouraged to contact us on 0300 5000926 or by logging onto the resident’s portal sovereign.org.uk/mysovereign.”