A DEVELOPER is asking to build eight more flats on the site of a former hotel and HMO in Bournemouth.

Aram Developments have submitted plans to BCP Council for 39 flats on the site of St Michael's Hotel in West Hill.

In 2019, the developer was granted permission for 31 flats at the former St Michael's Road hotel, but they now say that scheme isn't financially viable.

The building was last used as a hotel in 2014 and closed due to profitability concerns.

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When the last plans were approved, the building, which is opposite the Manchester Hotel, was described as “holding the community to ransom” due to ongoing problems of dumped rubbish.

Now, the new scheme is asking to demolish the existing building and build 39 homes in its place.

The flats would be over five floors with a communal roof terrace.

A planning statement submitted with the application said: "It is acknowledged that the existing building is regarded as making a positive contribution to the Conservation Area.


"However, close up inspection of the building shows that it is of limited merit in of itself and that it has has been extended at multiple points in the past in not wholly sympathetic ways."

It adds: "From an economic perspective, the proposal will make an efficient use of this highly accessible site for the development of 39 new homes which will make an important contribution to the Bournemouth’s housing need, and will contribute to the vibrancy and vitality of St Michaels’ Road.

"From a social perspective, the proposal will provide 39 new homes, which will be of an appropriate design, will respond well to the character of the area and shall be highly accessible to local services."

In the previous application, three letters opposing the scheme were sent to the council, raising concerns about the proposed provision of only 11 parking spaces and increased noise.

BCP Council's new parking standards policy means no car parking provision is needed.

Cycle storage is provided.