RESIDENTS have been having their say on the position of Boris Johnson, after he apologised for attending a “bring your own booze” gathering at Number 10.

The Prime Minister apologised in front of a packed House of Commons on Wednesday afternoon, acknowledging the “rage” members of the public felt towards him and the government.

At the time of the gathering on May 20, 2020, it was forbidden to socialise outdoors with more than one person.

Following Prime Minister’s Questions, the Echo spoke to Poole MP Sir Robert Syms who said he would return to his constituency and “listen” to what residents had to say on the matter.

In a poll on the Daily Echo’s Twitter page, 83.6 per cent of those asked said they did not accept the Prime Minister’s apology – compared to 16.4 per cent who said they did.

The same question was asked on Facebook, resulting in more than 300 comments.

One person commented: “Yes. I don't think there are many people who can say they never went against the restrictions during any of the lockdown, but the old saying is lead by example so he should have done better.”

However, another said: “Too little too late. Should have never had happened in the first place.”

Another commented: “I think we need to get on with life. It happened. No point going on and on about it.”

The feeling was, however, more unanimous in Westbourne when residents were asked for their thoughts.

Vicky Millward, the widow of former Liberal Democrat mayor of Bournemouth Dr John Millward, said: “I don’t accept his apology because I don’t believe it was just working drinks. I think that as everybody else had to adhere by the rules, people were getting fined, and people couldn’t see their dying relatives, that’s what really gets me.

“I think he’s come to the end of the line now and I certainly wouldn’t believe anything else that he says.”

Resident Roger Pressing added: “You can only stretch credulity so far and I think the guy has run out of rope now. He’s a proven liar and it’s very disingenuous all these mealy-mouthed apologies.

“There’s a very poor representation in politics across the board at the minute and I can’t imagine who would replace him. Let him hang on for a while and see how the May (2024) elections pan out. But he’s a busted flush from a credibility point of view.”

CJ Bell said: “He should be quitting and I reckon he will to be honest. You can’t set the rules and break them, right? Especially when you see the Queen at her husband’s funeral with a mask on sat there on her own and he’s there having a party.”

Mrs Jacobs of Canford Heath, meanwhile, questioned why the Prime Minister’s wife Carrie would be present if it was a ‘work meeting’ as initially claimed by the PM. She said: “Do you normally take your wife to your place of work? And do you usually bring a bottle? Regretfully, I think he should resign.”