A HIGH-profile Bournemouth murder is set to feature on Dermot Murnaghan's latest edition of his investigative series.

The Crime+Investigation series airs on February 14, with the episode of Elliot Turner’s brutal strangling of his 17-year-old girlfriend Emily Longley premiering on March 28.

Miss Longley, an aspiring model and Brockenhurst College student, was killed by self-professed playboy Elliot Turner at his parents’ home in Queenswood Avenue, Queens Park on May 7 2011.

He strangled her in bed and was jailed for a minimum term of 16 years when he appeared at Winchester Crown Court the following year.

His trial heard the killer was dubbed “All-Talk Turner” by his friends and described as full of ‘gangster bravado’ by his own father.

Turner led the life of a supposed playboy with money, girls and drink around the clock while boasting of the cash he had.

He met Emily Longley in December 2010 and said the pair hit it off immediately and it the relationship worked at first, with both saying they loved each other.

Soon after they got together, he was already showing signs of becoming obsessive and Turner had form in this department.

He had received a harassment warning letter from police in January 2008 when he was 16 telling him not to contact an ex-girlfriend after he bombarded her with texts and emails when she ended the relationship.

One friend told the trial that after a girlfriend left him, Turner said he wanted to suffocate her with a pillow.

The situation got worse when Emily returned to New Zealand to visit her parents Mark and Caroline.

Turner was upset about pictures with other men she posted on Facebook and he became obsessed with the idea that his girlfriend should show him more ''respect''.

He finally snapped when Emily went out dressed, in his words, like ''a whore'' on the evening of May 6.

That night the pair rowed and Turner used a pillow to smother Emily - imprinting her make-up on the pillowcase - and then using his arms to strangle her.

His doting parents Anita and Leigh, whom Turner used for cash to fund his lavish partying, loved their son so much they tried to cover his crime.

His mother even delayed calling an ambulance as Emily lay dead in the bed of the house in Queenswood Avenue, so that Turner could cover his tracks and allow the family to concoct a story.

Leigh and Anita Turner were jailed for 27 months and told they would have to serve at least half that sentence.

Elliot Turner was jailed for life.

The programme will appear on Crime+Investigation which is available on Sky 156, Virgin 275 and TalkTalk 328.