IT IS becoming an all too regular occurrence for BCP councillors to debate anti-car policies without mentioning it when they stood for election.

I refer to the news article ‘No parking on some new housing to tackle BCP congestion’.

Do councillors not realise that it was their previous ill conceived policies around the BCP area that caused mayhem on our streets?

By denying motorists a parking space on new builds, you simply inconvenience other motorists by causing further problems for tomorrow?

Those who have on-road parking will have to compete with an even greater demand for that space from those who don’t.

People who park off road will experience their drives being blocked by inconsiderate motorist frantically looking for a space.

It is to be welcomed that BCP has moved away from blaming the Covid pandemic for everything that is wrong.

But trying to hide behind the carbon footprint cars produce will not fool the public one iota.

We will shortly have electric vehicles with zero emissions that will also need a space to park and charge.

Something beyond the wit of BCP councillors to work out and act accordingly, so let me conclude what this is really all about.

It is about charging more motorists for parking permits outside their homes while at the same time becoming known as the country’s most anti-car council.

And by the way, we have the local elections this May?


Moorland Crescent, Poole