A TEACHER at a private school repeatedly assaulted a girl pupil on school premises before telling her 'well done', a court heard.

Philip Mulcahy, 58, is alleged to have indecently touched the girl almost a dozen times in two years while at the £15,000 a year Bournemouth Collegiate School.

He is said to have made her stay behind to 'discuss' her work before closing the door and touching her beneath a table.

On other occasions the student described how he touched her under her bra and underwear, a jury heard.

While on a school trip the married teacher allegedly cornered her and assaulted her.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Collegiate SchoolBournemouth Collegiate School

The girl was aged between 12 and 14 when the abuse is said to have happened.

She eventually confided in an adult about what happened to her and Mulcahy was arrested, the court heard.

Upon hearing the claims, Mr Mulcahy, told police he was 'totally gobsmacked' and accused the girl of lying.

He has gone on trial at Bournemouth Crown Court where he denies three counts of sexual assault.

Jodie Mittell, prosecuting, said the teacher 'frequently and repeatedly' abused the girl on school premises.

She said: "In an interview with police she struggled to find the words to explain what had happened so the (police officer) asked her some questions.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Collegiate SchoolBournemouth Collegiate School

"When asked which teacher had touched her she named Mr Mulcahy.

"She agreed that it had happened lots of times."

The prosecutor added: "She said he kept her in because he needed to have a word with her. She related that he said she was doing well in class.

"He got closer and closer to her. In her words he lifted her skirt up and touched her thigh area.

"He said, "thank you and well done," and let her go."

Mrs Mittell continued: "She said it had happened lots of times and that as a result she was often late for her next lessons.

"She told the police that she felt confused. She said she didn't really understand what he was doing and that she felt really anxious."

Mrs Mittell told the jury that another incident happened during a school trip.

The court heard that Mulcahy denied ever being alone with any pupil and said he was totally shocked by her allegations and didn't know why she was 'making it up'.

The trial continues.