WITHOUT completely dismissing Cllr Mark Howell’s uninformed views on the effect our domestic pets such as cats and dogs’ have on global warming, it is obvious that he blindly overlooks the known figures and statistics.

His view is dwarfed by the reality that the massively lucrative meat factory farming industry, is a vastly more serious threat than our innocent lovable pets.

This is due solely to unnecessary demand fuelled by the commercial interests of the farming industry.

It is remarkable that Howell seems unaware that the quantity of food eaten by way of cruel factory farming of livestock, is directly responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions that all the world’s transport put together.

Although some token efforts have been taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in some areas, the emissions from livestock increased globally by 51 per cent from 1961-2010.

Science itself has determined that it is not unreasonable to imagine a future world in which the consumption of meat is rare.

Under the above circumstances alone, I would like to suggest that Cllr Howell leaves our poor pussy cats and doggies alone in future, and starts to get real.

DIANA YEOMAN Hilltop Road, Ferndown