This utterly charming classical ballet by one of Russia’s finest companies, The Nutcracker, was the perfect farewell to Christmas. 

A festive delight, The Nutcracker’s timeless tale follows the story of Clara who is taken on a magical journey by her Nutcracker Prince. 

The joyous ballet took place at Poole’s simply divine Lighthouse Centre for Arts on Saturday evening, January 8.

Hosted in the intimate theatre the magical allure of Russian ballet was served from the moment you stepped foot into the auditorium. 

With its elegant proscenium arch and red velvet surround, the venue immaculately framed the stunning ballet.

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Audiences were treated further with a full orchestra that played the instantly recognisable Pyotr Tchaikovsky score - the most perfect accompaniment to the purity of the dancing and traditional staging. 

Bournemouth Echo: The Nutcracker at The LighthouseThe Nutcracker at The Lighthouse

Bringing a real taste of imperial Russia at every moment, the fantastic costume design showcased the best of baroque atelier to mesmerising eastern dress.

Setting the ambience just right, the night started with a joyous and playful display of the party scene at Stahlbaum House with Clara and Fritz dancing around. 

The dancers, each captivating and elegant really came to life when Drosselmeyer presented life sized dolls to Clara. 

With special effects and breathtaking costumes, the lighthearted scene drew roars of laughter and gasps of disbelief as dancers flew across the stage in sparks of smoke. 

From this point on the energy continued to build, peaking in the first half amid Clara’s  suspenseful nightmare as her beloved Nutcracker and his army fought the Mouse King. 

Bournemouth Echo: The Land of Snow scene of The Nutcracker at The LighthouseThe Land of Snow scene of The Nutcracker at The Lighthouse

Following the interval, the divine dancers reignited the energy of the first half and captured the imagination of the audience in The Land of Sweets scene.

With sophisticated Spanish dance, a sensual Arabian solo and high energy Russian and Chinese paired solos, the audience was kept on the edge of their seat as the ballerinas wowed. 

Cumulating in the final scene when Clara wakes from her dream, it was hard not to feel a little emotional as the show drew to a close to a roaring applause.

With the end of the show came the end of the magic of Christmas, until next time of course.