DORSET clinicians are asking pregnant women to come forward for Covid vaccinations and warn of a higher risk for the babies of those unvaccinated.

A vaccine uptake for pregnant women in Dorset “who have not yet completed their course of vaccinations” has been described as “the best way” of protecting them and their baby.

Jo Hartley is the associate director of midwifery & neonatal services at Dorset County Hospital.

She said: “I understand that mums-to-be want what is best for their baby and because of this some women may have questions before they get their Covid-19 vaccinations. There is a lot of misinformation circulating so I would urge anyone who is hesitating, to speak to their midwife or GP and get the facts that can help them make an informed decision.

“I can reassure them that the vaccinations are safe and getting them is the best way of protecting themselves and their baby from the virus.”

Experts say pregnant women are at higher risk of getting “seriously ill” from Covid.

First, second and booster jabs are available across the county for any who is eligible. There are more than 30 sites in Dorset delivering vaccinations by appointment or through walk-in sessions.

Visit and search for ‘Pregnancy COVID vaccinations’ for more information.