Rules of the Game is a new drama from the BBC exploring sexual politics in the workplace, starring Maxine Peake and Rakhee Thakrar.

It follows Sam Thompson (Peake) who is an executive at the sportswear company Fly, who soon begins to clash with the newly hired HR Director at the company Maya (Thakrar).

Questions are asked about a young female employee, who mysteriously died at a company party years prior, and when a new death occurs on company premises disturbing stories from the workplace start coming to light.

Writer of the series, Ruth Fowler, was inspired by the #MeToo movement, and the scandal that emerged about film producer Harvey Weinstein in 2017.

Bournemouth Echo: Rakhee Thakrar as Maya Benshaw (BBC/The Forge/Brian Sweeney)Rakhee Thakrar as Maya Benshaw (BBC/The Forge/Brian Sweeney)

Speaking on that she said: "When I was asked to write a drama loosely based on #metoo in a fictional British workplace, I was more than ready to write it.

"I’d spent my entire life waiting for this moment to create Sam - a woman who had clawed her way to the top, and had been used and abused as much as she had used and abused others.

"The grey areas of complicity surrounding behaviour that had once been OK fascinates me," she added.

When will BBC's Rules of the Game be on TV?

Rules of the Game will air its first episode at 9pm on BBC One on Tuesday, January 11.

The second episode will air at the same time the following day, with episodes three and four being shown on Tuesday, January 18 and Wednesday, January 18 respectively.

Bournemouth Echo: Kieran Bew as Gareth Jenkins (BBC/The Forge/Matt Squire)Kieran Bew as Gareth Jenkins (BBC/The Forge/Matt Squire)

BBC's Rules of the Game full cast

Maxine Peake as Sam Thompson

Rakhee Thakrar as Maya Benshaw

Alison Steadman as Anita Jenkins

Susan Wokoma as DI Eve Preston

Zoe Tapper as Vanessa Jenkins

Kieran Bew as Gareth Jenkins

Ben Batt as Owen Jenkins

Callie Cooke as Tess Jones

Tom Forbes as Luke

Amy Leeson as Amy Dixon

Isaac Lancel-Watkinson as Adam Thompson

Dominic Vulliamy as Duncan Stephenson