ALMOST 2,000 Bournemouth residents were without broadband throughout parts of Tuesday and Wednesday after a disruption fault.

BT subsidiary Openreach said the broadband service was disrupted for “just over two hours”, however a Bournemouth resident says he missed almost two days of work because of the problems.

Programmer Niall Matthews was working from home when the Major Service Outage (MSO) first started on Tuesday.

He said: “My internet stopped working [on Tuesday] for around four hours. It stopped again [on Wednesday]. I'm completely stuck.

“I reported it at 11.44am according to their records. I was in a meeting with 10 people who all work remotely too. Everything froze and I couldn't connect again until 4pm. It went down again the next day around the same time and would come back for 10 minutes every hour or so until the evening.

“I missed almost two days of work. When I called BT, they just offered me their Halo package, which uses the cellular network when there's an outage. It's £5 extra per month. They weren't helpful at all. They just saw it as an opportunity to upsell.”

Niall says the problem was only fixed on Thursday morning, whereas Openreach maintained the disruption only lasted two hours.

A spokesperson said: “Our network in Bournemouth was affected by a fault at our exchange. Just over 2,000 customers had their broadband service disrupted for total of just over two hours and repairs are now complete.

“Anyone experiencing any problems with their phone or broadband service should report it to their service provider who will then inform us.”