I EXPECT you have lost track where we are in respect of Covid.

We are being told of highs of 200,000 new cases in just the UK.

Those are only the recorded numbers.

Many people are not set up to have the required tests, or the applications, found on hand-held gadgets.

We have not all been offered the booster jab, Mr Johnson. Even, those of us in the vulnerable age groups. I ask, how many people have had those vaccinations, and still tested positive?

Mr Johnson now wants to ban some tests, as he does not want to be told, people can not turn up for work. He also, I believe, has reserved the testing of people, prior to entering our country. In other words, they again will bring the virus with them.

Has anyone tried counting all the ‘arh’s, um’s’ etc he uses when under questioning?

How many times, he just repeatedly says, ‘the best thing you can do is get boosted’.

I end up saying to my television, ‘oh do shut up’.

He talks about the day when, we will only need an annual injection as with flu. But, that is not the present. That is for now, is just wishful thinking. And, not everybody has the flu jab.

In the pipeline are tablets you can take, only after you have the virus. That is to prevent people going into hospital. Probably, then dying at home. Worse of all possibly, alone.

Boris Johnson, like so many people, will not accept reality. He is a denier, as with Brexit.

He told you, the virus will soon be gone. That was two years ago. How many people have since died? Approaching 200,000 just here in the UK. Many millions, around the world. We were told this week, possibly one in every fifteen people in England, have Covid. In other words, millions of you , and it will get a lot worse.

There is talk of yet another new variant, that Covid will be with us for a least two more years.

Does your Prime Minster care? No. He has wasted billions of our pounds, by taking us out of the EU, with no ‘ready made deals’, or back up.

More billions of pounds, by not originally believing coronavirus was ever going to be a threat.


Burley, Ringwood