FOLLOWING the recent decision to reopen Tatnam Road, it will revert to a 20mph speed limit – despite “not working” previously.

Following BCP Council’s cabinet decision to reopen Tatnam Road in Poole to traffic after a trial closure, residents are concerned as to what will happen next.

As reported, the trialled closure was introduced after the original 30mph speed limit reduction to 20mph “did nothing” to stop speeding drivers and after nine accidents were dealt with by police between 2017 and 2019.

Despite resident concerns, Parkstone councillor Ann Stribley says it is “now up to motorists and residents” to “observe” the speed limit – and doubts there will be further changes to the road.

She said: “The 20mph is in force until there are any calls to change it and I doubt there will be. It’s now up to motorists and residents passing by to observe this limit.”

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, wanted to know whether other provisions – such as speed bumps or a camera – would be introduced to help slow traffic.

Responding, Cllr Stribley said the council is “not allowed” to install speed cameras on 20mph roads.

Often, measures such as improved signage or build outs are used as seen in residential parts of Branksome.

Cllr Stribley said the council could “certainly look into” seeing if such measures would be beneficial to Tatnam Road if there is grounds to do so.

Tatnam Road was previously ear-marked by council officers as one of the key Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole routes for possible closure due to concerns over speeding.

The decision to shut the road at its junction with Sterte Road and Stanley Green Road was said to have resulted in longer journey times for some drivers and increased congestion. Whereas others argued the closure made it safer for pedestrians was backed by headteachers of two nearby schools.

Update: As of the morning of December 24, Tatnam Road was still not open to through traffic. The Daily Echo has contacted BCP Council for more details.