Gary Barlow and a stage full of musicians and dancers swept into Bournemouth and delivered a spectacular hit-filled show to a packed Bournemouth International Centre.

Billed as a greatest hits tour it delivered on that promise and more. The set was packed with solo tunes, Take That numbers and a few Christmas covers thrown in for good measure.

It was difficult to tell who was more delighted to be in the venue, the performers on stage or the crowd.

Bournemouth Echo:

Another excellent sign of things to come was the number of lorries parked up the side of the venue carrying the stage set, I can’t remember the last time I saw so many, so I entered the venue expecting a full-on production and I was not disappointed.

After an excellent warm up set from the Puppini sisters Gary took to the stage and opened with three songs from his latest album Music Played By Humans which started the evening with a bit of swing that had the crowd on their feet and set the tone for an evening of entertainment from one of the best songwriters and entertainers around.

We did not have to wait long for the first Take That number with Pray and Said It All followed by a quick change and a full on Christmas production of Let It Snow, Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time, Winter Wonderland and Merry Christmas Everyone complete with presents, Santa, Elves, a fireplace and the wonderful Puppini Sisters back on stage.

Bournemouth Echo: Gary Barlow at the BIC. Pictures from Barlow at the BIC. Pictures from

Another quick change and it was time for a wonderful delivery of my favourite Take That song Greatest Day, followed by a medley of songs including A Million Love Songs complete with an amazing sax solo.

The songs came thick and fast dipping into his entire solo and group back catalogue with an occasional chat but tonight was really all about the music.

As well as being a pop superstar he also has a hint of old fashioned showman about him. He really engages his audience and everyone on stage with him which really narrows the divide between performer and crowd turning an arena gig into a lovely intimate show. Even his dancing has improved!

Bournemouth Echo: Gary Barlow at the BIC. Pictures from Barlow at the BIC. Pictures from

This was without a doubt one of the most complete shows I have been to for many a year.

There was something there for everyone be it songs, musical excellence or just the show its-self.

A night at a Gary Barlow concert is always more than a gig it’s a complete show and one that I will be going to see again as soon as I get the chance.