MANY local people are suffering unprecedented financial strain, including some who have never before needed to ask for help.

How unfortunate that Mr Fry (Letters, Dec 8) should make political capital out of this sad situation.

Many charities in our area are working hard to alleviate the difficulties families are facing.

BCP Council is using the money given by government to our Household Support Fund, to support those charities in delivering what is so urgently needed. Our schools are also playing a large part in identifying where help is required.

Wonderfully generous people are donating to our food banks, but demand is outstripping supply.

The council has given £112,000 directly to local community food projects to ensure they have enough supplies for everyone in need.

We have given funding to Citizens Advice for support with utility bills and keeping people warm, as well as advising on financial matters.

Our aim is to reach every family who needs help to get through the coming winter.

This is not a blame game, Mr Fry, this is a genuine effort by an administration who cares about the community it serves, to help wherever we can.

The Conservative government has allocated this funding to us and we will use it in the best way possible, by enabling our trusted third sector organisations to distribute help and support to everyone who so desperately needs it.

You will soon see posters across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole with details of how to apply, those are already on our website.


Boscombe Spa Road, Bournemouth