BCP’S Bus Back Better consultation is open at the moment. I hope everyone will join me in calling for 24/7 security at Poole bus station, Bournemouth Square and Gervis Road and Westover Road.

Bus travel needs to be as safe as going to work at the council offices, and that means visible security staff on call at all times.

I’d be interested to know how much support there would be for universal free public transport in BCP. It’s 40 years since Lord Denning told Ken Livingstone he couldn’t do this in London.

The world is on fire with global warming, we are all breathing in so much air pollution in BCP that we might as well be smoking, and that includes children, pregnant women and older people.

Let’s clean up our air by getting cars off the road where they can be replaced by bus journeys. We’ve all seen the pictures of ambulances queues outside hospitals. Clean up the air and make a difference to everyone’s health.


Britannia Road, Parkstone