I DON’T agree with Martin Rodgers views in Echo December 4 saying that government has “exaggerated the impact of booster jabs in preventing any Omicron-driven wave of infection”.

On the contrary government have said time and time again we don’t know and it follows for our safety the best we can do is protect ourselves from Delta and Omicron with the vaccines we do have.

One huge learning curve, virus evolves, vaccine evolves.

Like it or not we are a global laboratory.

Human beings the experiment specimens.

As for Martin Rodger’s comment “heightened case mortality rates seem not to be taken seriously” how can anyone say that when government and NHS are moving heaven and earth to get out maximum vaccinations.

Granted government response two years ago January 2020 was deeply remiss.

Two months to get any effective action.

But since then I don’t see how a government - and our NHS - could have done more to vaccinate and keep people safe.

And the view “discussions in the corridors of power” appear to show an attitude “don’t scare the horses”.

What then does government do - speculate on an even worse pandemic before we have all the facts?

In so many ways for all of us the big problem here is that the virus is invisible.

It is micro molecular size.

Like pollen, or very fine dust. We can’t see it or smell it.

If the virus was flashing red and screaming like a hoard of banshee gnats then we would be scared stiff and make every effort we can to keep safe.

But it is all invisible. We cannot see the danger.

All we can do is listen to and follow our microbiology scientists and doctors.

Get vaccinated, wear masks, avoid indoor crowds, keep distance one to another.


Jubilee Road, Poole