BRITISH astronaut Tim Peake visited the Lighthouse in Poole to give audiences a glimpse into the incredible world of space exploration, on Saturday night.

Enigmatic storyteller Tim Peake did not make a single stumble as he delivered the captivating tale of his journey to space on Saturday, December 4.

From humble upbringings this extraordinary man found his way to adventure - but one thing remained a constant his entire life, he was born to fly.

He started at the army cadets before moving on to work at the Nags Head - his village pub - pulling pints to save up for his first proper adventure to Alaska, helpfully funded by a punter’s 16:1 bet on the 1991 grand national winner. 

Tim’s captivating career took him from Alaska to Sandhurst and then to Texas flying apache helicopters before becoming a test pilot. 

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Bournemouth Echo: Tim PeakeTim Peake

In 2008 a fluke internet advert for ESA astronauts saw Tim take a punt on his wildest dream - becoming an astronaut.

After two and a half years of intensive training he was finally ready to journey out of this world.

The incredible story of Tim Peake could leave you speechless, if it wasn’t for his quit wit and humour making the audience burst with laughter.

Bringing the light with the shade, Tim described the final moments before entering the Soyuz Rocket - dicing with a chance of death.

On the bus to the rocket, Tim told the tale of all the astronauts undoing their space suits and going for a wee on the back right tyre of the bus - “because if Uri did it in 1964 - then we were all going to do it”. 

He garnered the full attention of the sold-out auditorium, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats as he described the three hair-raising attempts to dock on the international space station and the near-drowning of his colleague whilst out on a space walk.

The loveable, charming and funny character caught the imagination of every single person sat in the auditorium, with numerous children shooting their hands up when he asked if anyone wanted to be an astronaut.

Hoping to inspire the next generation, Tim left the crowd feeling inspired and hopeful for what else is to come from our journey into space.