THE Daily Echo’s November 23 double page ‘Christchurch -then and now’ photo spread triggered memories of the happiest of childhoods, spent in the village of Mudeford when the town council dealt purely with ‘local’ issues and consisted of easily accessible ‘local’ councillors.

I wonder if the photos had the same effect on the likes of BCP Council leader Cllr Mellor and deputy Cllr Broadhead?Somehow I doubt it, and why should they feel the same?

They represent non-Christchurch wards and can not be expected to have a full knowledge of what’s going on in Christchurch when they are wrapped up with sorting out their own constituent’s problems.

But, and here’s the rub, councillors on every committee plus the full council make key decisions on behalf of all voters in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, when if the truth were told, self interest in each town is still to the fore rather than the BCP as an entity.

Yes, it is covering old ground to an extent but the recent failure of a bid to introduce extra planning committees hardly inspired confidence despite committee chairman David Kelsey’s ‘its an idea that should be reviewed’ fob off.

Living in Plymouth I do not have the opportunity to vote in BCP ballots but that does not stop me recoiling in horror at actions such as the laughable bid to earn Bournemouth city status.


Dark Street Lane, Plympton