AN ANIMAL rescue centre in Poole has purchased two brand new incubators to help hedgehogs survive through the autumn and winter months.

Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue had found all their incubators were full due to the constant number of hedgehogs being rescued and have not been able to take in as many hoglets (baby hedgehogs) as they would like.

Founder Jim and Tracy Dunne, who have put caring for hedgehogs at the top of their list since 2015, have successfully released thousands of these animals back into nature.

Jim said: “We look to put them back to where they came from or into a designated Dorset Mammal Group Hedgehog release site.

“In 2020 we rehabilitated 952 hedgehogs back into the wild and 576 so far in 2021.”

The J.P. Morgan Bournemouth campus became an approved Dorset hedgehog release site in July this year, with the first hedgehogs released in October.

Bournemouth Echo:

Volunteers from J.P. Morgan created and continue to maintain 15 hedgehog houses located at the campus.

In addition, volunteers have helped to clean and undercoat 20 hutches for wintering hedgehogs at HHR that are too small to be released at this time of year.

Lottie Forte, a member of the J.P. Morgan Bournemouth Community Relations Committee, said: “As part of J.P. Morgan’s sustainability programme in managing the grounds, my colleague Mary Barrett has been working with Dorset Mammal Group Hedgehog section, to make sure the grounds at our Bournemouth office were suitable to become a release site.

“Nine hogs were released in October with more to follow shortly.

“My time spent at HHR was a real eye opener and we look forward to working even more closely with Jim and Tracy.”