A NEW application has been tabled to extend a row of beach huts – several weeks after a similar bid was rejected as part of a scheme which included retaining larger huts.

Avon Beach Ltd saw its plans for a forward extension of the huts 23 to 62 and retention of huts 63 to 99 at the seafront in Mudeford refused by BCP Council's planning committee.

As reported, the applicant has since applied to the local authority's planning department for the retrospective aspect alone.

And it has also been confirmed that a proposal has come forward for the hut extension in isolation.

A design and access statement submitted on behalf of Avon Beach Ltd said: "The extruded depth has no bearing on the presentation of the primary, promenade-facing elevation of the huts. In fact, the huts that have been extended are practically imperceivable from those in their original format, when viewed from the beach or promenade.

"The rhythm, scale and appearance is consistent with the original form.

"Measured analysis of the existing and resultant promenade widths demonstrate that the extended forms do not disrupt the free passage of pedestrians, service or emergency vehicles along the promenade.

"The council (planning officer), in their consideration of the previous application on the site, acknowledge that a minimum available promenade, “width of five metres is considered sufficient for the free flow of pedestrians and maintenance vehicles and does not preclude emergency service vehicles including fire engines".

"The beach huts in the proposed extended format, remain an appropriate and complimentary built form, which is neutral in its impact on the character and setting of the area."

The statement says the promenade width would be reduced but at its narrowest point, outside hut 44, it would still be five metres wide.

The narrowest point of the promenade local to the proposed site was recorded between the Avon Beach Convenience Shop and the adjacent pedestrian barrier at 3.7 metres, the statement says.

It adds: "The existing and resultant promenade widths presented above are comparable with widths measured at neighbouring Southbourne Beach, Bournemouth Beach (in proximity to Undercliff Drive) and Friars Cliff.

"Promenade widths at each of these beaches, when scaled from Google Mapping, are respectively 4.5 metres, 4.5 metres and three metres."

Avon Beach Ltd lease the promenade from landowners BCP Council.

Residents can comment on the proposal through the local authority's planning portal up until December 17.