A POOLE junior school has been rated Good by Oftsed, with inspectors finding leaders were ambitious for pupils.

Livingstone Road Junior School, in Parkstone, were deemed to have a “carefully planned curriculum” and pupils who “enjoy coming to school”.

The report said: “Leaders are ambitious for all pupils. They are determined that all can achieve.

“Leaders have carefully planned a curriculum that considers pupils and the local area closely.

“This supports pupils’ understanding of their locality and helps them develop resilience and confidence.

“Pupils enjoy coming to school. They feel safe and know who to go to if they have a concern.

“Staff have a clear and accurate view of children’s individual needs. Pastoral care is strong, including the provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

“Parents overwhelmingly support this view. Pupils behave well in classrooms and around the school.

“Pupils say that staff are fair and quick to deal with any poor behaviour when it occurs.

“They understand that some pupils struggle with their behaviour. However, this does not impact on their own learning.

“Pupils say bullying can happen, but when it does, staff act upon it swiftly. Pupils know that people are different and that all must be respected. They understand why people should be treated equally. Pupils have strong and trusting relationships with staff.”

Speaking of what the school could do better, inspectors found, in history, pupils were unable to talk about key concepts they should know and remember. This leads to gaps in their historical knowledge and understanding.

It said: “In most subjects, the curriculum is coherent, well planned and sequenced.

“However, in a minority of subjects, pupils are not always clear about what knowledge teachers want them to know.

“As a result, pupils cannot talk about their learning well enough. Teachers need to precisely define the subject-specific content they want pupils to know and remember.”