RUNTON Road Christmas lights have started to be turned on and residents are urging visitors to park away from the cul-de-sac.

Visitors can now witness the spectacle of Runton Road’s famous Christmas lights as residents gradually switch them on.

Decorated homes have started switching on their lights, with organisers saying the full spectacle can be enjoyed in a week’s time when all the lights will be turned on.

Organisers have issued a statement to the public, reminding them to park elsewhere if possible and walk down to Runton Road to avoid traffic chaos and enable residents to access their homes at all times.

The organisers said: “Please remember Runton Road is a cul-de-sac, parking is not easy at the best of times.

“If you wish to see the lights, if at all possible, park a little further away from Runton Road and walk into our road.

“You get the full atmosphere and of course, the less cars driving around the safer it is.

“Also please consider the area you are parking in, you would not like people blocking your driveway so please do not block anyone else's. Thank you.”

Runton Road’s annual dazzling display was put on hold for 2020 after neighbours decided it may be too much of a risk to the public if it went ahead.

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Residents have been lighting up the street for Christmas for approximately 20 years, raising thousands of pounds for charity with around 46 out of the 51 properties in the street transforming their homes.

Normally the lights are up in time for the second weekend in December. Each day the lights begin coming on at approximately 4.30pm and start to be turned off at 10pm so the children that live in the road can get to sleep.