A BRAND-new mural on the wall encouraging people in Boscombe to “look up”, a new restaurant next door, live music every day - Chaplin’s is your Pub of the Week.

Chaplin’s, based in Christchurch Road, has recently reopened after a range of improvement works, including moving into the old bank next door.

Owner Harry Seccombe said: “We are an original live music venue as well as being a pub.

“We are a community pub with a very unique space full of original artwork.

Bournemouth Echo:

“The garden is highly decorative and we have a new giant mural on the side of the building it is quite unusual.

“We’re about to open a new Modern Times restaurant which is a Charlie Chaplin film. It will have modern British food.

“We have hundreds of original Charlie Chaplin paintings by Vivien Hoffman.

“The place looks amazing, and we are a very down to earth venue.”

Mr Seccombe said the pub offers live music every day, and since reopening its cellar bar and being putting on theatre shows again.

Bournemouth Echo: The interior at Chaplin's in Boscombe

“We can put larger bands on on weekends until four in the morning,” he added.

“We do nice cocktails and we are a very creative place for musicians and artists.

“I have always struggled with the question of what demographic we target. Everyone is welcome.

“We have people in their 70s and students, we’re not a student pub it just is what it is.

“The restaurant next door is an old bank, we have kept bits of the old shopfront and got bits from other shops.

“From the outside it looks interesting and it is on the inside. It is good for Boscombe and we celebrate the heritage of the area.”

Bournemouth Echo: Harry Seccombe and the team at Chaplins Bar in Boscombe who have been nominated for some awards..

Mr Seccombe added that the new mural is part of a ‘look up’ scheme to show people the architecture in Boscombe.

He said Boscombe was an amazing space for creative people.

He continued: “It’s a relief to be open again and to be able to move forward while being mindful of Covid but not having to compromise the business.”