A DOCTOR’S surgery said it will take a zero tolerance approach after a rise in aggression and abuse.

The Adam Practice, in Blandford Road, Poole, said its staff deserved to work without fear after the increase in abuse.

A statement from the practice said: “Our staff are currently experiencing an increase in aggression and abuse, both verbally and online.

“We recognise that patients may be anxious about their health or frustrated about challenges in accessing our services, but our staff are here to help you and deserve to be able to do their job without fear of aggression or abuse.

“We want to maintain a safe environment for our staff and patients and so we will take a zero tolerance approach to any abuse or aggression to allow our staff to focus on caring for you.

“We would like to publicly thank all our staff who continue to do their best for our patients every day.

“We are also grateful to patients who have taken the time to use ‘thank and praise’ to pass on their thanks to staff who have provided a good service.

“We are sorry that some patients are facing difficulties in contacting us or accessing our services at the present time.

“This week we will publish the first in a new regular series of updates to help provide patients with more information about the challenges we are facing, what we are doing about them, and how you can help us and your fellow patients.”