A DORSET weather enthusiast has said there is a risk of 'wintry showers' this weekend.

In their latest weather prediction Dorset Snow said: "There has been a dry and chilly start to this week with plenty of sunshine, but turning more unsettled by the weekend as low pressure moves in from the north.

"Still not totally impossible that we could see some wintry showers by night, but precipitation will be predominately cold rain.

"GFS shows the risk of wintry showers this weekend. A small risk for now, but something to keep an eye on."

This comes as experts warned of a 'cold snap' which could last until the end of the month.

Weather experts warned of northerly winds kicking in across the county this week, bringing cold air possibly until the end of the month - and it could get colder.

Dorset Snow said: "The chilly spell is expected to last until the end of the month with northerly or north westerly winds dominating. 

"There is a small chance of it turning even colder during the final week of November, but there is not enough confidence on this yet.

"The overall forecast is temperatures falling below average with highs between 7-9C and lows between -1c/2C overnight.

"Arctic Maritime and Polar maritime air masses will bring cold and dry air to the U.K."

The Met Office has predicted highs of seven degrees and lows of a chilly two degrees in East Dorset over the weekend.