A WOMAN who had been banned from keeping animals for 10 years was back before the courts for breaching the disqualification order.

Amy Tara White, who was formerly known as Charmaine Collins, appeared in the dock at Poole Magistrates' Court following an investigation by the RSPCA.

White, 31 and of Noble Close, Bournemouth, was alleged to have been involved with the keeping of 32 caged birds on or before September 1, 2020, at an address in Poole.

Court papers state that she pleaded guilty on the day of her scheduled trial to the single animal welfare offence on a basis that she accepted the offence but denied ownership.

She was sentenced based on her version of the facts.

RSPCA Inspector Patrick Bailey, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said after the hearing: “Courts impose disqualification orders on people convicted of animal welfare offences to protect other animals.

“It is important for people to tell us if they believe someone has breached a ban. We depend on the public to be our eyes and ears and we take breaches of bans very seriously - as do the courts.”

The defendant was reported to the RSPCA for being involved with caged birds despite being banned from any involvement with animals for ten years in July 2018.

White received the disqualification order after she pleaded guilty to six charges relating to the care of animals after RSPCA inspectors found 196 animals, including 61 who had died, when they raided her flat Boscombe flat in late 2017.

She received a 12-month community order alongside the 10-year ban from keeping animals.

Following the breach of this ban, magistrates handed her another 12-month community order with a requirement to complete up to 25 days of rehabilitation activity requirement at a hearing on November 2.

The defendant was ordered to pay a £95 surcharge and £400 costs.