A DRUNK man who was swearing in The Square was ordered to leave Christmas Tree Wonderland by police last night. 

Officers patrolling Bournemouth town centre as part of Operation Snowglow were called to reports of a drunk man swearing in The Square at 8.45pm on Saturday, November 20.

Police issued the man with a Section 35 dispersal notice for his behaviour - officers said this was their only issue of the night. 

A spokesperson for Bournemouth Police said: "He was dealt with promptly and robustly by Officers on foot patrol at that location.

"As primarily a family event, such behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

"The man was directed to leave the area until midnight.

"Aside from that, the event went very well. No doubt lots of our lovely Police Officers will be featuring on social media, given the amount of photographs they had taken with the public this evening."

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Operation Snowglow will continue to run over the course of Winter Wonderland's presence in the town - until January 2.