A BOURNEMOUTH man has said he is 'disgusted' by vandalism taking place on West Cliff Green.

Edward Wigglesworth who lives near Durley Chine and walks around the West Cliff has said he regularly sees bottles and broken glass appear overnight.

On his latest walk he found dozens of bottles stacked up inside a shelter and glass smashed across the pavement outside.

He said: "We were walking out across the West Cliff as I do each day, and they've got a council worker who comes round and he does an excellent job and he was just looking in complete dismay.

"The amount of bottles that were there, there must have been over a dozen people there, to have made that much mess."

"We were just so disgusted with it, it's my favourite walk and it was just a mess, they made a real mess of it."

Mr Wiggleworth says the council worker should be praised for the work he does keeping the green tidy.

He said: "The council worker was sweeping up all the glass on the pavement and he deserves praise because he does his job every day thoroughly, he does a really good clean up job but that is beyond anybody's duties.

"There are a lot of people who walk their dogs in the morning, where they had thrown bottles which had smashed, as well as the one that were stacked around.

"We just recently has the shelter done up by the council and the council worker said 'I think we'll have to fence it off again'. It happens regularly and it's just a shame."

Ward councillor for Westbourne & West Cliff, John Beesley said: "If residents report these issues to me then I can act on them immediately and of course residents can log those with the council online at any time.

"We're always playing catch up against those irresponsible and antisocial people who dispose of their rubbish without a care and a thought for anybody else and of course it isn't the council causing the problem but the council is always trying its very best to catch up with it, as we are as ward councillors.

"It seems to be a few people behaving very badly and of course the council and us as ward councillors are always trying to make sure that we're acting on these issues to the benefit of all residents.

"Of course there will always be a short time lag but generally I find that the officers dealing with these issues are very efficient and very good at following through quickly.

"There are one or two officers in particular who are extra ordinarily good and if we didn't have them working on our behalf them I'm sure the problems wouldn't get resolved quite so quickly."