THE decision at the November 9 BCP Council meeting to bid for ‘city status’ for Bournemouth is ludicrous in the extreme.

The deadline for such bids is December 8, yet it is obvious no work has been done to prepare the bid.

Applications were described as comprising a single page with ‘three or four supporting pages’, perhaps something to dash off in an afternoon.

Dorchester’s city bid was mentioned in the debate.

Their application stretches to 42 pages, something in preparation since July when they made their decision to bid.

The call for ‘city status’ bids talks of a local authority applying ‘for its entire area or a distinct area within its boundary’.

This is not a call for multiple bids from a single council.

Yet that is the interpretation made when BCP asked Poole and Christchurch as well as Bournemouth to each consider making individual bids.

We are told there is no appetite for BCP to seek ‘city status’ for itself.

Previously, support from residents and business was described as ‘critical’ prior to any decision to bid.

Yet this Bournemouth bid is now proposed by the same people with zero consultation.

Many consider Bournemouth snatched control of Poole and Christchurch to create BCP.

Making Bournemouth alone a city would be divisive and unwelcome given the three BCP towns have yet to gain a comfortable working relationship.


Bloxworth Road, Parkstone