THE A31 at Ringwood has reopened after a lorry collided with a bridge and overturned on, causing massive delays and an overnight closure.

The incident happened at approximately 1.30pm on Wednesday on the westbound carriageway of the A31 at Ringwood, directly underneath the bridge in Southampton Road near Ringwood School.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “We were called at 1.36pm to reports of a lorry colliding with a bridge on the westbound carriageway of the A31 at Ringwood, prior to the A338, causing it to overturn.

"No injuries have been reported to us.”

Highway authorities closed the road from the M27 at approximately 5.30pm so the lorry could be recovered and the road cleared.

Repairs also had to be carried out to the barrier and road surface following the incident.

Shortly before 8.00pm, the lorry had been up righted and one container was recovered.

It is reported the road reopened at around 3.00am on Thursday morning, three hours ahead of the initial target.

The incident caused massive delays on the A31, as traffic could be seen queuing beyond Picket Post and highways authorities were stationed both under and on the bridge to direct traffic and assist police.

Initially, just one lane was closed westbound to allow traffic to pass.

It is understood the lorry was carrying cable and two containers. A section of wood on the base of the lorry’s tail was also damaged and some container fasteners had ripped free.

Much of the lorry’s tail had nestled on a bank just off the road, while the main cabin section was lodged between the bridge top and support beam.

National Highways said: “The lorry has partially shed its load and the westbound carriageway will be closed from the M27 to Ringwood to allow this to be cleared.”