A CHILDREN'S performer from Bournemouth is appearing on Moneybags - Channel 4's new gameshow, where he will be playing for a share of £1 million that is up for grabs across this week.

Troy Harris, 25 may be recognisable to viewers having gone viral a couple of years ago following his appearance on the BBC quiz show Letterbox, where he struggled to guess the word QUASIMODO.

Last summer, he took part in the filming of five episodes of Moneybags.

Speaking about his latest TV appearance, he said: "From the back of Letterbox, I just saw the casting for it and I thought that looks like a good game show.

"I haven't done one since Letterbox and obviously on Letterbox I got to the final but I didn't win any money.

"And I thought this time I feel like I can win some money. It seemed like a brand new concept and I thought it looked quite fun.

"So I applied and got offered to do it."

With Covid restrictions in place at the time, Troy only saw the other contestants when they were on set. The first episode saw him go head to head with Jo, a civil servant from Essex.

He said: "It was filmed in the Summer so it was still on that cusp where things were starting to ease but we still had to be safe, so we were all kept separate.

"We weren't really allowed to socialise with the other contestants, probably because it is a competition as well, so we only really saw each other when we were on set.

"We filmed 5 episodes and I'm all five episodes from Monday to Friday and then you get a chance every day to win some money.

"The filming process was really good, it was fun, it was really lighthearted and Craig Charles was awesome.

"He was really friendly, he would always chat to us and have a bit of banter with us, he was a really nice guy."

Troy didn’t reveal if he won the show but encouraged people to tune in and watch.

Moneybags airs on weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.