IN THESE difficult times, getting quick responses from your doctor’s surgery can be impossible.

I believe that is inevitable with the pressure that Covid and its ramifications puts on the system. We all hear of bad experiences, but here’s a good one to balance things a bit.

Despite the pressures, the reception staff and doctors and nurses at our surgery Talbot Medical Centre have in our experience always been polite, professional and even good humoured.

Today, they exceeded our expectations and their standards (again).

My wife had an issue with the non-availability of a drug.

She asked for a telephone appointment with her doctor and was told that it would be three or four days.

My wife then explained the issue to the receptionist who said she would have a word with the doctor.

Within an hour the doctor phoned back and told my wife she had solved the issue and had written a new prescription. All sorted out.

Our grateful thanks to the lovely people at Talbot Medical, doctors Billington and Harris who dealt with this today, the rest of the medical staff and the great team that do such good work and always seem to go the extra mile.


Talbot Drive, Poole