SO THERE is not a world climate conference in Glasgow with world leader after leader urging us to strain every nerve to cut back on mass pollution.

Or, perhaps the conference is happening, and I missed the bit where world leaders said this applies to the world, with the exception of Bournemouth.

I refer to even more insanity, violation of world-wide work to cut back mass pollution, from BCP council supporting yet another mass pollution event.

The proposed Grand Prix is an “eGrand Prix”.

So which part of the whole energy/carbon cycle does the promoter not understand?

Batteries, in ecars, need to be built, using highly toxic components, lithium and cobalt, and have to be charged. They need energy, coming from the UK grid, in itself creating as much down-stream carbon as using high octane fuel.

Braking, to generate charging, will amount at best to a very small 12 per cent of charging.

And this in the context of mainstream Grand Prix’s horrendous mass pollution for decades which the promoter wants to praise as an example to follow.

And such an event, as with the air show mass pollution, pulling in tens of thousands of visitors in turn generating many tons of CO2 and particulates.

Everything we should not be doing.

Everything we have to put an end to, if anyone in BCP is giving a second of attention to the world conference.

As for the rest, I have never read so much wild grandiose propaganda in my life.

“Our country is in decline” and boys with their toy cars are going to save the day. What absolute junk.

I’d very happily settle for a local authority committed to our health and care service, our schools, our transport and roads, and our environment.

JEFF WILLIAMS Jubilee Road, Parkstone