I WRITE the following observation, not knowing all the facts behind Matchams Stadium.

I do remember going to watch the stock car racing, when it was nothing more than an oval dirt track.

We stood around the edges, no seating, and bought a snack from a kiosk. Horrible toilets. Many people used to simply wee in the bushes.

I wonder if the stadium ever did apply back then, for planning permission?

Was it just one of those cases where over time, it was allowed? Also Matchams House became a disco!

Now I read that planning is sought for a retirement village.

They, arguing it had established use as a race track.

However, that is not my comment.

It is that all that area was once, and is still at the moment, forest.

If consent is given, it opens the doors for even more development between Hurn airport, sorry I mean Bournemouth International airport in Christchurch, East Dorset, and Ferndown.

Already St Ives, parts of St Leonards, Ashley Heath, have all been lost to housing.

I would have liked all of Ringwood Forest and the neighbouring land to have been incorporated into the New Forest National Park, and given protection.

You may remember, this Government were to grant consents for fracking, and sell off Forestry Commission land.

In the last few days, it would seem they are happy to allow sewerage into our rivers and along our coastline.

Against the costs, for any solution.

In other words, to heck, with the consequences.

RICHARD GRANT Burley, Ringwood