I WELCOME the aspiration of BCP in Our Vision for the Future to deliver more new homes: “There are many housing projects for which planning permission has already been granted, or is in the pipeline, which will make a significant contribution to meeting our 15,000 new homes target.”

I welcome their aspiration for children: “We will ensure that the BCP city region becomes one of the best places in which children can live, learn and grow up. We want to reduce the impact of travel throughout the conurbation, with a campaign encouraging children to walk to school and by providing local school places wherever possible.”

Sadly, the current delivery of this aspiration is inadequate.

In March 2021, however, just 91.5 per cent of children have been offered a place at one of their preferred secondary schools. In reception it was also 91.5 per cent. (Dorset council area managed 97 per cent for secondary schools).

The future looks equally bleak. Not a mention of primary schools. Secondary schools will have to be more crowded in future in the following comment: “Secondary school pressure has been growing in recent years and we have responded to that through supporting a new free school, opening in September 2021, along with the temporary and permanent expansions of other local secondary schools to meet projected demand for places.”

Why does not BCP put in place the necessary new school infrastructure for 15,000 new homes so children will be able to walk to school?

Perhaps people will not find BCP city region is the best places in which children can live, learn and grow up if the present nearest schools are overfull, with children having to travel miles to schools adding to air pollution and traffic congestion.


Rowan Drive, Highcliffe