AN 18-year-old man who made £10,000 selling covid masks is now selling Squid Game masks for Halloween.

Gabriel Becker sold the covid face masks on eBay with his friend while they were in college early last year.

Since then, Gabriel has worked two jobs and is now back selling masks in time for Halloween and said his latest venture has made him between £5,000 and £6,000.

Mr Becker said: "I started working at a covid test site for eight months and then the site got closed as lock down restrictions came to an end, the demand for test sites lowered and I was made redundant.

"Obviously trying to fill a gap in the meantime I worked at Bournemouth Boating Services and then I stopped working there because it's essentially the end of the season and I figured I might as well try my hand at a new business.

"So I starting selling the Squid Game masks, I ordered 400 from China and sold all of them to Halloween shops across the UK.

"I'm not planning on ordering any more because by the time they arrive it will be a week after Halloween.

"I made around £5,000 to £6,000, from selling the 400 masks.

"I'll be investing that in Cryptocurrency and maybe there'll be a new hot product that comes to market and I'll decide to invest in that as well.

Gabriel says he uses Google to spot products that might be popular ahead of time, he said: "I don't have any procedure in place, its not like I'll sit down and do a days research.

"I sort of feel what's right in the moment and then I also look at Google Trends, that's a good way to see because obviously when Squid Game came out, it's the highest searched thing on google and normally when things are the highest searched things on google, people are looking for products around that thing.

"So I use Google Analytics and Google search to find out what people are search for the most, that helps me out quite a lot when it comes to trends."

Gabriel wants to thank those who have helped him with his business, including his girlfriend. He says "we used to sit for about 10 hours straight packaging masks, it's hard work."