I HAVE seen any number of sold out gigs at the O2 in Bournemouth but on Saturday night the venue just seemed slightly more packed than normal.

The crowd were wall to wall and floor to ceiling filling every inch of the three floors.

The set up looked like it was designed with slightly wider stages in mind so the backing vocalists were packed in tight and the band were partially hidden by the hangings. The plus side of this made it feel like a much smaller club gig and enhanced the already electric atmosphere.

The lights go down and seconds later Rag'n'Bone Man takes to the stage as casually dressed as ever and ready for a night of joyful music.

His size may make him an imposing presence but it is that voice that really fills every nook and cranny of available space. The immense All You Ever Wanted made an early appearance in the set list and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: www.rockstarimages.co.ukPicture: www.rockstarimages.co.uk

The lights and sound were spot on and combined to make this a perfect evening of soulful sounds that could be felt as much as heard.

Between songs he is quite chatty repeatedly asking the crowd if they were ok. The set list moves seamlessly between semi acoustic numbers to a full on band pumping out tunes like Giant and Human which got two of the biggest reactions of the night.

A great show from a superb larger than life talent backed by an excellent band and backing singers.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: www.rockstarimages.co.ukPicture: www.rockstarimages.co.uk

He may be only human but he has a voice that can raise your spirits and soul to another level and that’s a rare thing today and makes every Rag'n'Bone Man gig an occasion to savour.