WHEN will our Prime Minister Boris Johnson stop this ridiculous looking elbow bumping?

It would be helpful if the government clarified a few points surrounding the transmission of Covid-19 rather than try and scare us all into another lockdown and mask wearing etc.

I believe it is now common knowledge that when looking at the evidence that nobody anywhere has caught Covid-19 by touching objects or shaking hands, as it is an airborne virus much the same as the common cold and flu virus.

On the question of wearing masks initially we were told it was to prevent a person passing Covid-19 to others, I believe this to be still the case.

It seems that now most people wearing a mask do so in the belief that it will protect them from catching Covid-19, perhaps again the government should clarify whether this is so.

With the ill-fitting throwaway masks, nearly everyone is guilty of using it numerous times.

This being so, it would seem to be unavoidable that the Covid-19 virus can get in over the top or around the sides of this single use mask.

Therefore, the only way to prevent this would be to replace them with the type that is sealed around the face and incorporates a filter for the incoming air.

The only serious clarification the government seem to be making is that getting the jabs and a booster jab are the way forward in preventing serious illness from the virus, in this they’re absolutely 100 per cent correct.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy