THE story of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and its impact on its community is told in a film which is free to watch online.

The 44-minute video, available on YouTube, traces the orchestra’s history from Victorian times to its work today.

It features an extensive interview with BSO chief executive Dougie Scarfe and is illustrated with photos from the orchestra’s archives and those of the Daily Echo.

The video was sponsored by Bournemouth law firm Rawlins Davy as part of its series of films looking at famous Bournemouth brands. Its release follows the warm reception given to a film about the history of Bath Travel and Palmair.

The film was previewed at an event supported at Poole’s Lighthouse before a BSO concert.

Dougie Scarfe told the gathering, supported by HSBC, that it was a “great pleasure” to be part of the series of films “which is really celebrating Bournemouth and its history”.

“I’m really proud of the role that the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has played in this part of the world for 127 years and it’s not just what’s going on in the concert hall,” he said.

He talked of the impact of the orchestra’s work in the community, including the remarkable impact of its music on patients with Alzheimer’s.

“We exist to bring music into people’ s lives and it’s absolutely a ‘womb to tomb’ philosophy,” he said.

“It’s about the power of music at all stages of their lives.”

Mark Kiteley, director of Rawlins Davy Solicitors, said: “In challenging times, we tend to take comfort in nostalgia. It gives us the opportunity to look back and think of some of the happier times.

“It also gives you the opportunity to think we’ve weathered storms before and we’re going to be able to weather this one too,” he added.

“With the BSO, I thought the story was going to be about excellence and that’s part of it – but within the film I found the message was of engagement with a community.

“If you're going to engage with the community – with dementia care, with schools and nursing homes – if you’re going to support your community when times are difficult, that community are going to come back and support you too.”

The Story of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, presented by Rawlins Davy Solicitors, can be found on YouTube.