A BARBERSHOP has been raising money to fund a defibrillator for the Broadstone community.

For the past few months, Bonds barbershop has been raising money to fund a defibrillator outside its shop in Broadstone and have now reached their target.

Spokesperson Nicole Fripp said: “With what happened to Christian Eriksen at the Euros, we thought it was really important, anyone can have a heart attack anywhere and it takes two minutes to grab a defib instead of waiting for emergency services.”

“So many people donated and we managed to hit our target. We’re currently in the process of receiving the equipment and we want to thank those that helped and raise awareness about how important defibrillators are for saving lives.”

The shop raised £11,211 for the defibrillator, including a charity grant.

They hosted a number of fundraising events including a Pac-Man competition and a soul funk night.

Ms Fripp said: “All of our tips were put towards the defib we did anything we could really.

“The reason we wanted to get a defibrillator fitted was because the Bonds Barbershop owner Mike Taylor lost his father to a heart attack at 42 and his work colleague at age 42 and his father in law at 61.

“A barbershop is a great place for a defibrillator because heart attacks occur in a lot of young men.

“We want to thank our clients in Broadstone who helped us raise the money, the students at the great British barbering academy who put all their tips towards it, the staff in Broadstone who also gave their tips and Tim for fundraising.”

“We also want to thank Lewis from Let Electricians who’s given up his time to install it for us.

“Now that this one’s being installed, we are now raising money for another one outside our academy on Wimborne Road in Poole.”