POOLE Hospital is celebrating 25 years of its specialist menopause service which has been described as “one of the first of its kind”.

October is World Menopause Month and staff at Poole Hospital are celebrating the success of their specialist menopause clinic which remains the biggest menopause clinic in the south west and was one of the first outside of London.

“It’s brilliant that more women now have the confidence to speak up about the menopause and how it has affected them,” says consultant gynaecologist and menopause specialist Tim Hillard.

He added: “We are proud we have been offering this service for so long as while primary care provides support for many women there has always been a need for specialist care for the more complex problems.

One in three women experience significant health problems associated with the symptoms of menopause.

Amanda Hillard, menopause nurse specialist, said: “Dealing with menopausal symptoms can have a major impact on a woman’s quality of life, their ability to balance work and family, and can lead to feelings of distress and an inability to cope.

“I know of women who have had to leave their jobs as they have felt unable to cope or discuss the severity of their menopause symptoms with their employer”.

Since being established 25 years ago, the service is now busier than ever with 16 menopause clinics running every month.

Mr Hillard advised women to speak up and seek advice if they have any concerns. He said: “Quite often symptoms can be alleviated through simple changes such as dietary and lifestyle alterations but there are also a variety of treatment options available if needed.”

Visit menopausematters.co.uk for more information.