ANOTHER killing of an Member of Parliament and such a lovely man so well spoken of by so many.

Another terrible blow to British democracy let alone the horror and trauma for his family.
Sir David highly respected and regarded throughout parliament for his commitment to his home constituency in Southend and so many other issues including animal rights and opposing fox hunting.

And indeed chair of the All Party Fire Committee at the time of Grenfell fire, June 2017, through to this parliament.

I was in fact pleased and very encouraged by replies from Sir David back in August 2017 on the Grenfell cladding issues.

Not just the horror of Grenfell but its implications country-wide.

Most will not know but warnings of the flammability of cladding go back to parliamentary committees in 2000: “We do not believe that it should take a serious fire in which many people are killed before all reasonable steps are taken towards minimising the risks.”

Sir David speaking many times on Grenfell with the highest respect from the fire safety industry and national fire brigades. June 2019 in Parliament: “Grenfell should not have happened and it is a stain on this place that it did.”

And the horror of Grenfell apart, it just shows the commitment and courtesy of a senior MP taking the time to reply to a member of the public far from his constituency.

As for ways forward I do not agree that MPs should end face to face meetings with the public.

That is surely the wrong response. Unless we say terrorists are to beat down democracy and win the day.

The response, in memory to Sir David and Jo Cox, has surely to be booked surgery meetings and bringing in professional security.

Every surgery a security guard on duty.

Whatever way forward, very deeply sorry indeed to lose such a fine man and fine MP.
Deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Jubilee Road, Parkstone