POLICE have reminded Beryl e-scooter users to adhere to the rules put in place by the manufacturer after children have been spotted using them in the town.

Dorset Police No Excuse team have said that adults can be prosecuted and banned from using the e-scooters in the future is they allow children to ride them unsupervised.

A spokesman from the force said: “These scooters are a government approved e-scooter trial.

“To hire a Beryl e-scooter you must be 16 or over, hold a valid driving licence, adhere to the rules in place by Beryl and only ride on roads or cycle lanes.

“We have had reports of adults hiring Beryl scooters and allowing children to ride them, if the child is stopped by the police the adult can be prosecuted for allowing this.

“They will also be banned from hiring by Beryl.”

Police have reminded that residents should report “reckless” riders to Beryl directly, quoting the registration mark on the e-scooter.

The spokesman added: “If you see any reckless/careless riding by someone on a Beryl e-scooter such as riding on a pavement or high street area this should be reported to Beryl.

“All Beryl scooters have a registration mark on the rear to identify them.”

To report a rider, call 020 3003 5044, email support@beryl.cc or www.beryl.cc/contact.