A BOURNEMOUTH hospital-based centre has donated 700 prosthetic legs to amputees in Africa.

Since 2015, the Dorset Prosthetic Centre has worked alongside UK registered charity Legs4Africa to put unwanted prosthetic legs to good use.

Approximately 5,000 prosthetic legs end up in UK landfills every year. In Africa, 1.7 million amputees are in need of a limb to help them live.

The Dorset Prosthetic Centre has donated 700 legs to Legs4Africa since the partnership began. These legs have then made their way to people across eight sub-Saharan African countries, including The Gambia.

Once there, the prosthetic leg parts are fixed, adapted and fitted to amputees who otherwise may never walk again. In many of these countries, a leg built from imported parts costs upwards of £800. By utilising parts that would otherwise be classed as medical waste, Legs4Africa helps hundreds to get back on their feet.

Joe, who received a leg from Legs4Africa, said: “I broke my leg falling out of a tree, and in the end, I had to have it amputated. Thankfully I have a prosthetic now which was made from parts donated by Legs4Africa.

Bournemouth Echo: Approximately 5,000 prosthetic legs end up in UK landfills every year. Picture: Legs4AfricaApproximately 5,000 prosthetic legs end up in UK landfills every year. Picture: Legs4Africa

“This means I can continue with my career as a fashion designer. I have great plans for the future, I want to expand my business so I can eventually support my family.”

Tim Randell, clinical specialist physiotherapist at Dorset Prosthetic Centre said: “Legs4Africa is such a great charity providing a much-needed service. Before we started working with them, returned prosthetic legs would not get the chance to be reused.

“It is great to know that now they will continue to be used in helping people get back on their feet. Our clients who have returned legs are really pleased and reassured that their legs are getting another life helping other people.”

Legs4Africa’s latest fundraising campaign, aptly named Leg Up, has so far raised more than £15,700.

This match funded campaign, which runs until Christmas Eve, aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with limb loss.

Visit legs4africa.org/legup for more information.